Small details tend to go unnoticed and unappreciated due to the seemingly frivolous nature of people. You should keep in mind however that it only takes a drop of water to create a ripple, which means that even the smallest change can fully alter something. The same goes with baking. If you miss out one ingredient as simple as, say, salt, then the entire batch will already become inedible! So it will be helpful to not ever overlook these things.

#1. Preheating an Oven

You may be one of those people that mix their batter or dough and turn to realize that you have not preheated your oven yet. And what’s worse, you may just put your mixture in without waiting for it to heat. That is an absolute no-no in baking because it will bake you up a disaster. Wait until the oven is completely preheated before baking because if you don’t, you will not get your desired results. Taste and texture will be different, the rise and expansion of baked goods will not take place, and browning will not take place. So no matter how much you’re rushing, always preheat your oven.

#2. Frosting before Cooling

It’s hard to wait, especially when you really want to get the frosting over with and eat your cake. But just like getting your tongue burned when you eat something directly pulled out of immense heat, frosting your baked goods before allowing it to cool may burn you and will melt your frosting off. If you want to achieve your desired frosting shape and texture, chill for a moment.

#3. Substituting Baking Powder for Baking Soda

Never switch one for the other. Never ever! It may seem fine in your head, but the results are catastrophic. The two are anything but substitutes, and cannot be used in place of the other. So if you don’t have baking powder but only have baking soda, go out and buy some; definitely don’t settle. If you are not convinced about its worth (based on first-hand experience), if a cupcake recipe calls for baking powder but you put baking soda instead, the cupcake will look and smell as great as you mixed and baked it, but it will taste like it was poisoned! Unless that’s what you’re going for, go out and buy the right ingredient.

#4. Allowing build up in Equipment

Flour, dough, oils and other particulates can build up within your oven. Without proper cleaning, these residues will calcify and inhibit overall function of the machine while creating an unsanitary production environment. The number one cause of equipment breakdown is lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. It’s a good thing that J.E. Flores Bakery Services, Inc. can supply you with replacement parts, refurbishment and routine inspection, service and maintenance. FBS is a full-service company committed to the bakery industry’s machinery operation with over 40 years of industry experience servicing all major companies throughout the US and abroad. We also provide equipment maintenance. Give us a call, and let FBS be your solution!