Bakeries can range in size from small, home-based businesses to factory-scale endeavors. Regardless of the size, though, every bakery depends on the condition of its equipment to be successful. Equipment is our mission and our passion at Flores Bakery Services. Here are some tips from us on keeping your equipment, along with your bakery, in great condition.

Cleanliness is next to functionality

Cooking equipment is exposed to many compounds; ingredients that are sometimes grainy, sometimes sticky, and other times greasy. All these ingredients can leave residue and debris in and on your equipment that, if left unchecked, can degrade or even disable your equipment. The simplest maintenance you can do is keep your equipment clean.

Save on repairs by preventing damage

One of the most important kinds of maintenance you can do is preventive maintenance. In most cases, preventive maintenance requires no comprehensive or detailed knowledge of the machine or equipment. Preventive maintenance is primarily focused on regularly checking machines for loose or worn parts and handling them before they become problems. Like cleaning, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Store it properly

Any equipment that needs it should be carefully and correctly stored whenever not in use. This prevents two kinds of problems; first the accumulation of dust or debris from other equipment or processes, and second it prevents the equipment from being accidentally damaged while not in use.

It’s also good practice to keep spare parts on hand for simple repairs. For problems that you find require replacement, or more repair than a little cleaning, Flores Bakery Services is here to help. To learn more about good bakery maintenance, or our inventory, contact us today!