If your bakery has old or aging equipment, you have options when it comes to bringing your equipment back from the brink of disrepair. Instead of tossing your old equipment into the scrap heap when they break down, Flores Bakery Services can often take your depanners, proofers, and other gear and breathe new life into them with original manufacturer parts. This is called refurbishing, and it can lengthen the lifespan of your equipment and help you save a lot of money in the process.

What is Refurbishment?

Basically, refurbishment is the process of restoring a piece of equipment to its original condition. It has also been known as remanufacturing because it is, by definition, as thorough as possible in restoring every part of a machine. The process can begin with the obvious, like visible damage or dents to outer casings and replacement of belts and pans, but then it moves to more delicate repairs to such things as electronic systems and parts. The result is a complete analysis of your machine, inside and out, and a replacement of parts that have seen better days. Better yet, when the refurbishment is complete, your equipment will be in ‘like-new’ quality, and you’ll receive a new warranty on your entire machine, not just the parts replaced.

Good candidates for refurbishment are machines that have worked a large but consistent number of hours in a short period of time. Questionable candidates are those that have become structurally weak over a longer time frame. Also, the older the machine, the harder it may be to find original parts, increasing the cost to have parts custom made to replace them. If you have any questions about whether your machine can be refurbished, never hesitate to contact us.

When to Refurbish

This is an important question to ask, as aging equipment has a time limit. Knowing when to refurbish is almost as important as who you rely on to perform the repairs. Full refurbishment of a machine can take several weeks (including shipping times both to and from the repair center), so it’s important to plan for the downtime. Comparing how much a refurbishment will save versus the cost of that downtime can help you determine if the machine is worth the effort of the repair.

Flores Bakery Services is here to help bring your bakery equipment back to life with our repair and refurbishment services. We also carry a vast inventory of over 8000 replacement parts to help fix your weary machinery. Give us a call today at (201) 437-0221.