One of the most valuable tools in a bakery is a proofer oven, a type of oven that helps the bread rise in preparation for baking. This step in the process requires very particular temperature and humidity settings, and nothing achieves the effect better than proofer ovens. But they are also very specialized machines, so you should be prepared for the maintenance that comes with them. Here are some things to consider before you reserve space in your kitchen for a proofer, courtesy of your friends at Flores Bakery Services.

Power Methods

The purpose of the proofer is to provide consistent heat and humidity, and they need sufficient power to do this over long periods. They can be powered by electricity or gas, but make sure that your preferred source will be sufficient.

Type Variation

There are two main types of proofer ovens: standard and convection. Convection ovens cycle heated air through the inside using fans, keeping the temperature evenly distributed. A primary advantage of these is that they don’t require any fuss with the pans. Standard ovens will require you to rotate the pans during the baking process to make sure the dough is evenly treated.


There are two ways proofers can maintain the necessary humidity to raise dough, and you’ll need to plan on which one you would like in your proofer. It can either be don by water pan, or a steam injection system. An injection system needs to be connected to a water line, while water pans must be filled manually.

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